Construct/Modify Malone Ranges - Ft. Benning, GA

Contract Number: W911SF-05-D-0010 DO#0014
Nature of Involvement: General Contractor
Level of Involvement: Managed entire project for Prime contractor
Procuring Activity: Negotiated
Procurement Point of Contact: Folke Ahlquist, USACE Savannah District,
Dates of Construction: July 2007-January 2008
Address of Building: Malone Range Complex, Fort Benning, GA
Address of Owner: Department of Public Works, US Army, Meloy Hall, Bldg. 6, Fort Benning, GA
Indicate Type of Project: Government
General Project Overview: This contract included many maintenance and repair items spanning many rifle and small arms ranges. Work included painting, wood repair, steel repair, grading and erosion control, roofing, A/C, and electrical work.
Total Cost: $425,401.00
Date of Completion: January 17, 2008
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