renovation of building 399 - Ft. benning, ga

Contract Number: W912HN-07-C-0070
Nature of Involvement: Design-build prime contractor
Level of Involvement: Design-build prime contractor
Procuring Activity: Fixed-firm price
Procurement Point of Contact: Sharon Garay- Rodriguez, US Army Corps of Engineers
Dates of Construction: September 2007- October 2008
Address of Building: 399 Wold Avenue, Fort Benning, Georgia
Address of Owner: US Army, Fort Benning, Georgia
Indicate Type of Project: Government
General Project Overview: Don Jones Construction renovated 255 BOQ rooms under this contract directly for the Corps of Engineers. Work included: full architectural design, asbestos abatement, interior demolition, extensive plumbing repairs & replacements, new bathrooms, replacement of dual-temp fancoil units, system pumps, and piping, dual-temp piping repairs and insulation, extensive electrical replacement, modified interior metal studs and drywall partitions, painted interior, installed new VCT and carpet, new acoustical ceilings, window blinds, and lighting.
Total Cost: $7,303,389.70
Date of Completion: October 30, 2008
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