Renovation of Building 38 - ft. benning, ga

Contract Number: W912HN-07-D-0023 TO#0017
Nature of Involvement: Design/Build Contractor for 8A Prime contractor (Clement Group)
Level of Involvement: Don Jones Construction managed the entire renovation project for the Prime Contractor.
Procuring Activity: Negotiated
Procurement Point of Contact: Sharon Garay- Rodriguez, US Army Corps of Engineers Savannah District,
Dates of Construction: April 2008-November 2008
Address of Building: Richardson Circle, Fort Benning, Georgia
Address of Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Benning, Georgia
Indicate Type of Project: Government
General Project Overview: This was a design/build contract with a short duration and high importance for WHINSEC. The buildings were historic buildings that were converted to administrative space. Work included extensive remodeling, electrical upgrades, demolition, interior wall construction, doors and hardware, security systems, interior painting, exterior glazing, wood floors, landscaping, exterior hardscapes, ceilings, new exterior stairwells, new elevators, plumbing repairs, and HVAC replacement.
Total Cost: $1,575,608.34
Date of Completion: November 2008
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